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According to a few people who have repeatedly inquired, there is a need to better explain the actual process of my arranged marriage.  Often the first word out of my mouth in response is "Well," followed by a semi-long pause and a search for the nice way of saying, "ask my dad (so he'll be more proactive with it)."

Though I may have written before, this arranged marriage is by my request, not any demand of my parents/family/heritage/religion.  In regards to this arranged marriage, the pastor I interned with described me well, "an enigma of our society."  I still chuckle, remembering how that just came out of his mouth and how it dawned on me that that might be the best term used yet!

This process is non-traditional.  In other words, I'm not just gonna have my dad pick out some guy, plan a wedding and meet him for the first time at the altar.  The idea is, with this team of (hopefully) 14 warriors, there will be multiple scouts in many different circles who have a list of my minimal requirements for this guy, such as:
  • he's gotta have God's heart for adoption
  • be a manly man
  • be discipled
  • disciple
  • be a Job in progress (check out Job, chapter 29, for an idea of what I'm talking about)
And there are things I'll throw out immediately that pretty much don't matter:
  • age
  • level of education
  • talents
  • occupation (so long as it is not "illegal, immoral, or fattening")
  • physical ability
  • past
Are there things that I would appreciate? Sure! It'd be great if he loves music and is skilled on an instrument (or three).  I'd even really like it if he's a good marksman (I'd hate to be better than he).  Would I prefer that he be home every night for dinner? Yes, but if he's fulfilling a call to serve with the military or missions, or within some other capacity, that takes him away sometimes, I'm okay with that, too.
After I had discussed a few details with a "scout" the other day, it hit me just how much I'm trusting these men.  These men are trustworthy - otherwise I wouldn't even request such influence on a decision being made that will effect the rest of my life.  The rest of my life.  That's what got to me, right there.  Spent some good time praying for these "scouts" after that awakening.  Trusting God in this, and trusting them to trust God.

There's another thing that others have asked me about: What if there's a guy who's interested, but not aware of this process, or not likely to be on any scout's radar? 
Well, to THAT I say, "he's allowed to intentionally introduce himself to my father and any of the other 'scouts' if he's outside these circles;  otherwise, he should be content to wait, as the scouts will take notice of a worthy man." : )  Should any guy be interested and NOT able to figure out how to contact my dad or pastors...God will take care of that.

I'll be posting more about the actual process once Daddy and I actually have some discussion about it.

 אני לדודי ודודי לי ∞

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