About That Warrior Poet ]iv[

Learning to trust A LOT and very differently than ever before - like that trust game at youth camp where you free fall backwards from a tree stand and trust a team of people with interlocked arms to catch you, only there's no mattress below their arms as a backup.

I know I wrote a couple weeks ago about trusting my scouts and how that the reality of what I'm trusting them with was setting in somewhat.  Well, it's really setting in now.  I'm having to trust God and trust them to trust God.  I'm asking a lot of these men, and I know it.  I haven't asked with a completely selfish motive, but with the future in mind.  I'm praying they grasp that and truly seek the Lord, the same as Abraham's servant did.

This post is intentionally short, but to update those of you who are following this story: one scout has twice mentioned someone to me, and another scout has mentioned me to a couple guys.  I really trust them; I think my feeling overwhelmed comes from realizing that this is actually happening and it's not just being talked about anymore.

I'm finding peace in my quiet morning dates and in the Word, nowhere else (thankfully, even though I had been seeking it elsewhere).  My God is faithful and trustworthy.  I love that I can rest against Him and simply be with Him.  So thankful the veil was torn...so immensely thankful.