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I have the privilege of caring for two special kids for 2-1/2 hours four nights a week. These two precious children, given to a friend of mine, can attempt many things to evade homework. Tuesday evening, however, the questions that came shooting out were permissible for a delay in homework. As well phrased as a six- and seven-year old could, they began asking about basic theology. How do you explain to children who have not grown up in church what sin is and what it means to be separated from God? How do you help them begin to understand what it meant for Jesus to die on the cross and how that it is they who are guilty and deserving of death, yet only He alone is worthy? I answered them, by the grace of God, only to be pegged with questions of what happens when you die....

Wednesday's series of questions came as a result of my appearance. Red, wet eyes begged the question "why?" and I tried to answer simply. The simple answers will not quiet the minds of those most curious. As I attempted to explain that something very sad had happened, I knew that I should have turned my words around.

See, these kids don't know Jesus. They don't understand what "glory" means, yet my response to the death of my sponsored child can make a difference. I tried to explain how that my little girl loved Jesus and she was happier now in His presence than she could ever have been with all the toys in the world. Why? How? Because Jesus is God. And God is holy, just, glorious, majestic, loving, and more than words can express - He is what our soul craves and the only One to fully satisfy.

I'm trying to keep my mind focused on things above. My life has been impacted greatly by Jacqueline's entrance to Heaven. Yes, I know I made a difference in her life, but she's not here anymore. I write to my kids every week, and I often begin my letters with something like "I continue to trust our awesome Savior to keep you safe and healthy, as He is able." He is able - still; and I trust Him - still.

Sponsor a kid through Compassion International. It will change the life of a child, a family, a community, and the one who is willing to help make that change.

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